Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Student Story

I've been busy with Peace Corps work this month, plus getting stuff in line for my upcoming trip home (I will be speaking at the public library in Parkersburg on June 28 and at the WVU Mountainlair on June 30). While I was substitute teaching just after a recent school field trip, I decided to give students a writing assignment, and as a prize, to let one of them describe our adventure in my blog. Here is the best story written that day by a boy named J'lon. [I added a few clarifying comments in brackets.]

My field trip to Marigot took place on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016. I had a very enjoyable time in Marigot. I went by the Douglas Charles Airport [shown below, just as an airliner was taking off] and to the Central Livestock Farm. I went with my school. We went on Mr. Andrew's coaster [A coaster is what they call a bus, since what we call a van is considered a bus down here].

On our way going up Anse de Mai I saw five boats lined up on the shore and fishermen sat down in the boat. When we passed over the Hampstead bridge, I looked down the river. I saw a man bathing naked in the river. Then I told to those children near me and they started laughing [Obviously, I have no pictures of this funny incident—I just heard the sudden burst of laughter.].

As we arrived at the Douglas Charles Airport, we hopped down the coaster. Miss Thomas told us to form two lines. Then I heard a very big plane that was landing. There were also some very busy construction workers [they are extending the height of the wall that borders the airport, in an effort to keep the river from flooding the airport again]. We walked to the tower. Then we went to a little room under the tower. Then we waited for the chief of security to come speak to us. He told us that there was a flight so we wait for him. Then we need to be very quiet. Then told us we could come now. Then we went up the stairs.

As I turned to my right, I saw clear sight of the planes. They looked very beautiful. There was a man who told us everything that they were doing there. We stayed a very good while watching planes taking off and landing.
Then we went more places. We went to the departure lot and customs. They put our books and pencils and also put Miss O'Brien's bag through the x-ray machine. There was a water bottle and an umbrella inside.
We went on the bus and went up in the village of Marigot by Miss Lin's store [a woman from our village has a store in Marigot]. Then we drove back past the airport.

When we arrived at the Central Livestock Farm, we saw a sign written “Central Livestock Farm this way.” On the sign there were pictures of cows, sheeps, goats, rabbits, pigs, and fowls. Then we drove further more.

The first animal I saw was a very old fat and lazy cow. Then after a very long while in the coaster the worker came to assist us. Then Miss Thomas had us to get down from the coaster and form two lines. My class did not even form their line as yet when some children came running back in, so I asked what happened? They said there were about 25 cows walking down the road.
After the cows passed, then we formed the same two lines. Then we went to see the pigs, then the sheep. There were about 35 brown and black sheep and the man told us their names were “black belly” because from their neck to belly was black. Then we went to see those goats. The goat pens were very neat [as shown above, they were elevated with gaps between the floor slats and holes on the outer wall where the goats could stick their heads out]. Then finally we went to the rabbit cages [shown below]. We could not see the fowls and the rest of the cows. So we went back on the coaster.
On our way back home we stopped in Calibishie to buy ice cream. Mr. Kurtz bought for everyone on the bus. The bus driver asked “did everyone get ice cream?” Everyone said yes so we went straight home.
I wish there will be another field trip like that. That was very great!

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