Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Banquet

As the fall term of the school year came to a close this week, my little school celebrated with a “banquet” for our students on the last day.
I'm with the contents for our gift bags after the box arrived a few weeks ago.
The teachers and principal cooked lots of good food, and we tried to decorate the classrooms to make it a fancy occasion. My primary job that day was keeping the kids occupied outside until the staff was ready for them.
Two of the teachers serving students at one of the food tables.
Students waiting patiently for their table to be called.
Some of our younger students enjoying their feast.
Believe me, this sweet little girl has every reason to be casting a suspicious glance at my mischievous little friend sitting next to her!
After the food was finished and cleaned up, it was time for the gift bags to be distributed. Thanks to a friend of mine from my college days, there was something to give to everyone. She put together and mailed these gift bags along with toothbrush kits, Christmas stickers, candy, and a nice pencil box, filled with a variety of pencils, erasers, and a small notebook. She also sent special gift bags for the teachers and principal. All I had to do was to pack them all. I can't adequately express how appreciative the students and staff were for her generosity.
Two friends pose with their gift bags
A fourth grader happily inspects his new pencil box.
Best of all, each child received one of those green glow-in-the-dark bracelets. This little gift (often found in discount stores) turned out to be a big hit with the students. Once it got dark, I witnessed about a dozen children running around Main Street, fascinated with their mysterious glowing bracelets (although most had decided to place them around their ankles, which made it more dramatic when their feet moved rapidly as they ran). I wish I had been able to take a decent picture of that unusual scene. I'm sure a lot of villagers will remember the night of the green glowing ankles!
A nice picture of our combined 2nd grade/3rd grade class with me and their teacher in front of the school.
Finally, I'd like to wish Happy Holidays to each of my blog readers. Thanks for following my Peace Corps adventure!

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