Thursday, November 19, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again!

My dad had motorcycles most of his life, and he bought me my first one in 1971. Over the years, I've really enjoyed riding, and made a point to always wear the proper gear and be as safe as possible. It was not easy to sell my motorcycle this past spring in preparation for this Peace Corps adventure (but at least it went to a good home!).
Unfortunately, the Peace Corps has strict rules governing our behavior with vehicles. As I wrote previously, we are not allowed to operate any type of motor vehicle, nor are even allowed to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle. It is because of their concern for our safety, as well as the desire to see us live as most other villagers do—the majority get by without a vehicle.
However, it sure felt good today when Officer Jackson visited our school today, and he let me sit on his police bike. I could hear the famous cowboy song playing in my head—“I'm back in the saddle again!” Let me assure the Peace Corps staff that the wheels never moved from this stationary position—but it felt real natural to once again be holding onto handlebars and balancing this two-wheeled machine underneath me.
This particular brand is not available in the USA. It is a single cylinder 600cc police model produced by a company called JiaLing in China. Note that China has a very active presence on this island, as in many third world countries. Perhaps that might be a topic for another blog posting some day.

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